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Can you help researchers equip the public with the skills to prevent suicides?

Mental health campaigner and MBC member Jonny Benjamin MBE is helping to conduct a research study being carried out at the University of Exeter, investigating the role of members of the public in preventing suicides in public places.

The researchers are hoping to talk to as many people as possible who have been involved in a ‘Stranger on the Bridge’ situation — Jonny himself was talked down from the ledge of a bridge by a passerby as he tried to take his own life.

This includes people who have contemplated taking their own lives in a public place (any public place, not necessarily a bridge) and those who have tried to stop them.

They want to find out:

a)  how to recognise someone who may be contemplating suicide in a public place
b)  what people’s fears are about intervening
c)  what are the key elements of a safe and effective intervention by a member of the public.

The findings will then be used to develop a set of education and training resources for members of the public and staff who work at high-risk locations.The aim is to increase the number of people who are able to recognise and reach out to someone in a public place who may be contemplating suicide.

The research team would really appreciate your help with finding participants. If you could circulate this call out amongst your contacts or draw it to the attention of anyone you know who has had a relevant experience, we’d be really grateful.

To find out more and take part, visit their website for details: