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Our vision is to enable fathers men and boys to explore and develop positive masculinity, increase their self-confidence and motivation, improve their communication and social skills and create stronger, respectful and supportive relationships. Positive masculinity encourages men and boys to feel good about being male and support gender equality.

Based in Norfolk, MensCraft was established in 2007 by a group of men with professional and personal interest in the issues around men and masculinity.

Our aims are:

  • To provide services that support the development and well-being of fathers, men and boys
  • To encourage and support men to evaluate the way we relate, communicate and live with each other, our partners, families and communities, with respect for ourselves and others
  • To promote positive masculinity, a concept of manhood and masculinity that respects the rights and well-being of others

We run programmes, groups, camps and work-shops for fathers, men and boys throughout East Anglia.

We provide training and consultancy for family and children’s agencies about engaging with and providing services for fathers.

“MensCraft welcomes the formation of the Men & Boys Coalition.  A national voice highlighting the issues facing men and boys is long over-due and we are delighted to be asked to be founding members.”

MensCraft also offer a range of activities and programmes to men in their community via their MensNet portal here:

For further information on either MensCraft or MensNet, please contact: Andy Wood

Phone: 077 170 55543