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Natalie Quinn-Walker

Natalie Quinn–Walker is a healthcare management lecturer at Arden University, sexual violence researcher and PhD researcher at Wolverhampton University. Natalie’s PhD research focuses on male domestic abuse victims’ experiences when disclosing to their family and friends. The research will explore whether victims are supported when initially disclosing their abuse. Furthermore, the research will be exploring whether male victims’ voices are heard, believed, and efficiently supported. Reviewing whether male victims feel supported and their voices heard in their initial disclosure, will provide an outlook of how society views domestic abuse. Revisiting their experiences will capture the raw information of the true stories behind the statistics and provide an in-depth understanding of the potential failures of society in protecting and supporting male domestic abuse victims.

Natalie has worked in a variety of healthcare fields over the last twelve years, including supporting hospital discharges, supporting sexual abuse victims, and working in sexual health. Natalie has completed a variety of research projects, including reviewing whether male victims are supported when seeking medical attention. Another research project focused on how information provision by broadcasters can support people affected by abuse and violence. Natalie has published several articles online which are available for access on her website.

Twitter: @QUINNWA91648884