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Dads Unlimited

Dads Unlimited is a Registered Charity set up to support parents who are going through family breakdown, as well as supporting them have a better, more constructive relationship with their children. We primarily help dads, but also outreach to mums and grandparents who are suffering due to an unjustified denial of contact with their children.

Going through family breakdown can be very stressful; and that’s why we provide numerous services to our clients to assist, and to drive down loneliness and isolation to those who are experiencing what can be described as a life-changing event.

There are many issues which come within the spectrum of family breakdown, like poor mental health, anxiety, depression, as well as issues with self-harm / suicidal ideation; and this is why we provide a wrap-around service which takes care of those who seek our support and help

All clients have access to the following interventions, if needed:

  • 1:1 Mentoring Service;
  • Subsidised MH Counselling;
  • Barrister Representation Service;
  • Family Court support;
  • Monthly Support Group Meetings;
  • Schools Liaison;
  • Police Liaison;
  • Supported / Supervised child contact;
  • Welfare / Pastoral Service;
  • Community Activities.

We work towards:

1. Improving lives for children of separated parents;

2. Keeping the voice of the child at the heart of the process;

3. Reducing / preventing male suicide;

4. Supporting male victims of domestic abuse;

5. Reducing parental conflict;

6. Improving co-parenting relationships.

Our core values are:

Integrity; Passion; Commitment; Equality; Respect for the Law and valuing Diversity.

Helpline / General Enquiries: 01233 680150

Referrals (self / professional):

General enquiries:

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Twitter: @Dadsunltd