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Bloke Coach

Bloke Coach was set up as a Community Interest Company in May 2019 to support men with their mental health and well-being challenges using online communication.

Bloke Coach provides a support pathway using secure, encrypted email

Bloke Coach – connects you with someone who can coach you through a challenge that  you’re currently facing

Bloke Coach –  provides you with  a safe, secure, comfortable and intimate environment where you can share ongoing issues we all have to deal with yet often can’t talk about, share or even admit to.
Bloke Coach – could be the first step of your journey, or even a stepping stone within the journey you are already on or have already completed…
Bloke Coach – is a place where you can truly feel like you are not alone,  and where  “it’s ok, not to be ok”..

There are many reasons why email support is helpful for some people:
 – some people live in remote circumstances or in areas where public transport  is a problem
 – some times its difficult to find someone who will provide face to face support relatively nearby
​ – some people have reasons why it’s difficult for them to leave home – for example because of work (irregular shift patterns) or because of responsibilities for the care of the young, the old or the infirm
– some people have disabilities – for example hearing impairment  – which makes email support helpful
 – there can be times when the nature of the problem may mean that its helpful to communicate  anonymously

The main distinguishing features of email support are:
​ – both client and coach have time to put together their thoughts without feeling under pressure to share them immediately.
 – the text can be changed and adjusted before it’s sent.
​ – clients can return to the coaches’ email and re read over and over again.
​ – its more discrete than  a face to face ( or even an on the ‘phone session) live session

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