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14.03.2018, ‘Men can be nursery teachers too’, Chris Hemmings, BBC

09.03.2018, ‘The fight for education doesn’t stop when working-class boys get into university’, Michael Ward, The Conversation

27.02.2018, ‘The lost boys of the North East: Why do the region’s young men trail further behind girls at school?’, Stephen Lambert, Further Education News



20.03.2018, ‘Lads Need Dads: one mum’s mission to save British masculinity’, Martin Daubney, Telegraph Men

15.03.2018, ‘Fears as “invisible” fathers written out of their chidren’s lives’, Stephen Naysmith, The Herald

15.03.2018, ‘Data desert reinforces prejudice over the role of fathers as parents’, Stephen Naysmith, The Herald


Suicide and mental health

14.03.2018, ‘How can we save men from depression and halt the suicide epidemic? Here’s my six-point plan’, Martin Daubney, Telegraph Men

28.02.2018, How our gender biases lead us to ignore the mental health needs of young boys, Lucy Nichol, Metro



02.03.2018, ‘The prostate revolution: NHS launches a revolutionary ‘one-stop’ service which will slash diagnosis times’, Ben Spencer, Daily Mail

11.02.2018, ‘The HPV backlash: Leading throat cancer charity says it’ll sue NHS if it persists in refusal to offer boys as well as girls jab that can prevent killer virus’, David Rose, Mail on Sunday


Masculinity in the media

28.02.2018, ‘At last, the ad industry is learning that sexist stereotypes of men don’t sell’, Martin Daubney, Telegraph Men