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The Male Psychology Network

Male psychology is the study of the psychology of men and boys. The aim of the Male Psychology Network is to take a lead in promoting awareness, research and understanding of male psychology. This includes issues that predominantly effect men and boys, such as suicide, homelessness, addiction, imprisonment, and educational underachievement. The Male Psychology Network aims to expand our overall understanding of the full diversity of the human condition and enrich our understanding of men and women, both in their distinctions and in their common humanity. Understanding gender distinctions allows us to develop gender-appropriate psychological interventions, so that women can benefit from our activities too. 

We believe that in order to overcome problems that affect mainly men, we must challenge male gender blindness and the gender empathy gap which lead people to overlook problems that impact men and boys. We believe that it is for the greater public good that every man feels confident that being a man will help him to engage in constructive activities and achieve positive things for himself, his family, and the wider community. Our wider aim is for men to be seen as a vital part of the structure of any successful society, playing a key role in family life and all aspects of society. We want men to accept themselves and others around them, and to strive towards a future that benefits them and their community.


Twitter: @MalePsychology