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Kevin Brazant

Kevin J Brazant is currently a researcher, and lecturer in higher education, and is the founder of the brand Daddy CPR (Coaching Promotes Resilience). As a lecturer and researcher he teaches on Social Work programmes at London Metropolitan University, exploring themes of masculinities, and positive father involvement as part of practice learning. This also extends to delivering specialist consultancy, training and workshops to local authority stakeholders and partners in working with men in crisis as part of reflective practice supervision.

His background is in Youth and Community Work and digital media where he has won numerous awards for his work with boys, men and fathers from minority ethnic groups, in particular those of African heritage.  Awards include the production of the documentary “Unheard Voices” which explores the experiences of young, teenage fathers in Hackney, east London. He has also trained in Mediation, conflict resolution and psychoeducational couples group work. He continues to work with issues of domestic violence and parental alienation with an interest in hearing men’s voices as victims following separation and divorce.

Kevin’s commitment to working with fathers include being an associate trainer consultant with the Fatherhood Institute and advises as a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Fatherhood. As part of children’s workforce and educational development Kevin’s mission is to standardise trauma informed practices, which includes professionals becoming more cognisant of adverse childhood experiences and modern Masculinities as part of their practice.

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