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Dr Anna Machin

Dr. Anna Machin is an evolutionary anthropologist based at the University of Oxford.  Her research explores what happens to a man neurobiologically, physiologically, psychologically and behaviourally when he becomes a father and how he both forms an attachment to his child and contributes to their development.

Her research cohort has covered heterosexual and gay fathers as well as a range of socioeconomic and ethnic groups.  She is passionate about broadening our conversations about fathers to include involved fathers and to counter the negative public image of fathers which equates father with absence.  She regularly carries out public engagement work aimed at informing the public about the experience and role of the father and is an active campaigner for fathers’ rights.

In June 2018 she published the Life of Dad: The Making of the Modern Father (Simon & Schuster). 


Twitter: @dr_aMachin



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