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Men are more likely than women to die prematurely and one in five men dies before the age of 65

Men have a 37% higher risk of dying from cancer overall, while men are 56% more likely to develop non gender-specific cancers than women and 67% more likely to die from them

11,287 men died of prostate cancer in 2014

1 in 4 black men will get prostate cancer at some point in their lives

Men are less likely than women to acknowledge illness or to seek help when sick, and men aged 20-40 are half as likely to go to their GP as women of the same age

Men are more likely than women to drink alcohol and drink at hazardous levels

Suicide and mental health

In 2014, there were 4,623 male suicides in the UK, accounting for 76% of all suicides

This means that on average more than 12 men a day take their own lives.

Black men are 17 times more likely than white men to be diagnosed with a serious mental health illness


Around 60,000 fewer boys go to university than girls every year

By the age of 16, girls are over 20% more likely to achieve five GCSEs including English and Maths at Grade C or better

In 2015, in England 52.5% of boys achieved 5 A*- C GCSEs including English and Maths in comparison to 61.8% of girls

In England 26.2% of teachers are male, 15.2% of primary school teachers are male as are 37.6% of secondary school teachers.

8.5% of teaching assistants and 18% of support staff are male. Overall, 19.9% of all school staff are male

Boys are around three times more likely to receive a permanent or fixed period exclusion than girls

Fewer men than women are becoming teachers, GP’s, dentists, vets and lawyers every year. Female GP trainees outnumber their male counterparts by more than 2:1 across the UK and women are now in the majority for all age groups under 50 in the general practice workforce

30,000 fewer boys/men are training to be apprentices every year then girls/women

The Department for Education does not fund any initiatives that just focus on addressing boys’ underachievement


In 96% of cases, the parents who apply to court for access to their children are men

A quarter of a million men in the UK and Scotland are primary carers

92% of lone-parent households are headed by mothers and about one million children in the UK are growing up without any contact with their fathers


85% of rough sleepers are male

84% of the “hidden homeless” are male

In England between 2001-2009, men were 90% of those who died while homeless


There are around 85,000 prisoners in England and Wales, 95% of whom are male

Men are more likely to be sent to prison and receive longer sentences than women for the same crimes

Victims of violence

Men are nearly twice as likely as women to be a victim of violent crime and among children, boys are more likely than girls to be victims of violence

Over two thirds of murder victims are male

Men make up 73% of robbery victims

98.6% of UK military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan were male

Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

For every three victims of partner abuse, two will be female and one will be male. Every year 500,000 men in the UK suffer from partner abuse

Male victims (29%) are over twice as likely as women (12%) not to tell anyone about the partner abuse they are suffering from

20 organisations offer refuge or safe house provision for male victims in the UK – a total of 82 spaces, of which 24 are dedicated to male DV victims only (the rest being for victims of either gender). There are no places for men in large parts of the UK

Every year, 400,000 men in the UK are victims of stalking

One in five victims of forced marriage are male


12,000 men are raped in England and Wales every year

quarter of victims of revenge porn are male

The Government and the Crown Prosecution Service have an Ending Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy, but do not have an equivalent strategy for men and boys