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Video: ‘What issues impact on black men’s mental health? How can services better support black men?’

Black men are 17 times more likely than white men to be diagnosed with a serious mental health illness and they are sectioned or experience a mental health intervention more than any other group in the UK.

Despite this, they are less likely to access services than men in general and face particular barriers to seeking help when they do. What are the issues that underpin these statistics and how can we improve mental health support for black men?

Lee Townsend, Jay Perkins, Kevin Brazant, Tambo Silavwe

Lee Townsend Photographer, mental health campaigner and Engagement Consultant at Off The Record

Lee is passionate about raising awareness around how the barbershop has traditionally served as a place of refuge, renewal, and support for African and Caribbean men. He will discuss why these spaces are so important for black men’s mental health.

Jay Perkins Child, Adolescent and Family Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, Founder and Company Director, Partisan

Jay discusses his journey as a man of colour training as a psychotherapist, why he set up Partisan to support young people who would often otherwise not have access to mental health support, and how he works with psychotherapists and services to improve their understanding and awareness.

Kevin Brazant Award winning youth worker, researcher and lecturer in social work at London Metropolitan University

Kevin’s talk focuses on black fathers’ interaction with social services and the impact this has on mental health and family outcomes.

Tambo Silavwe DEI expert and co-founder of MentalityLive

Tambo discusses why he set up a community platform committed to creating safe spaces for black men and how dynamic events and workshops can encourage long-term, positive action and change.

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The talks showcase everything from the sector-leading work of Coalition members; to insights on how to bring local authorities on board in support of men and boys’ wellbeing; to third parties on what would help them engage the men and boys in their communities; to leading thinkers and writers on the issues we’re all passionate about.

The MBC Friday Sessions are a unique, engaging and informal forum to share insights and expertise, make connections and build networks for all of us who are committed to supporting the wellbeing of men and boys in the UK.