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Special edition of international journal on men’s issues features papers by members of the Men and Boys Coalition

New Male Studies (NMS) is an international, multidisciplinary, open-access journal dedicated to bringing men and boys’ issues to the wider attention of the academic community. It also aims to stimulate increasing amounts of research on issues specific to men and boys, and lend a burgeoning evidence-base to help shape public policy and discourse.

This Special Issue of NMS comprises selected papers from the 3rd Annual Male Psychology Conference, held at the University College London in June 2016, titled MUD HUTS, HAIRCUTS AND HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUTS and includes papers by several members of the Men and Boys Coalition.

The issue has also been co-ordinated and edited by Coalition member Professor John Barry of the Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, Faculty of Brain Sciences at the University College London, in the UK. The material included gives a sense of the exciting and eclectic mix of topics that is male psychology today.

Though tremendous work and effort has already been poured into increasing the dialogue surrounding issues facing men and boys, many remain unaware of the distinct challenges, problems and prejudices that men face throughout their lives.

Be it lack of acknowledgement and awareness of male domestic and sexual abuse victims, the high male suicide rate, or the gender education gap, male issues continue to struggle for acknowledgement in both the public and political sphere. This historical prejudice also applies to academia, with research on male-specific issues often lagging 20-30 years behind their female-counterparts. New Male Studies is published in order to help redress this imbalance.

All other volumes are available on the website.