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National Men and Boys Awards

Your nominations please!

The National Men and Boys Awards 2023 will be presented at our annual conference in Stoller Hall, Manchester on November 23rd.

The awards will acknowledge outstanding contributions in promoting care, compassion and social change for men and boys in 2023. Awards will be decided by the Board of Trustees of the Men and Boys Coalition, and will reflect the objectives and values to which the Coalition aspires.

We are now inviting your suggestions and nominations for the following categories:

Project of the Year – For exceptional achievement by an organisation.

Campaigner of the Year – For exceptional achievement by an individual activist.

Diversity and Inclusion Award – For promoting equality and social justice for men and boys in all their diversity.

Award for Public Understanding – For a writer, media creator or academic who has made an exceptional contribution to the understanding of men and boys and the issues that affect them.

Anyone can make a nomination, or as many nominations as you like, and modesty aside, you are welcome to suggest yourself! Please send your ideas to before 5pm October 13th, with the name of whoever you are nominating, the category you are thinking of, and a few words explaining why you think they should win.

One small request – please be aware that the panel will consider all nominations equally, whether they have been proposed by one person or 50, so please DO NOT ask lots of people to make the same nomination, it WON’T make it more likely they will win but it WILL make our job a little more difficult!

We look forward to hearing your suggestions.