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Letter to Chief Medical Officer Requesting the 2015 Annual Report Focuses on Men’s Health

Professor Dame Sally C Davies

Chief Medical Officer

Department of Health

79 Whitehall

Richmond House

London SW1A 2NS

27 March 2016

Dear Professor Dame Sally C Davies

 Annual Report – “Health of the 49%: Men”

We welcome your 2014 Annual Report published in December 2015 entitled “Health of the 51%: Women” and its gendered approach to health.

We fully support the contents of the letter of 6 January 2016 issued by the Chief Executive of the Men’s Health Forum. We agree with the range of issues raised by the Men’s Health Forum within their letter.

We are writing to express our disappointment that you were unable to agree to Mr Tod’s reasonable proposal to take a similar approach in your 2015 Annual Report to raise awareness about health issues that particularly or predominantly affect men. We were also disappointed that you were unable to give any clear commitment, including naming a particular year, to producing any such Annual Report in the future.

A “Health of the 49%: Men” report would have the merits both of demonstrating consistency in your approach as well as directing professional focus to the many health issues that affect not only men but their families and wider community.

We are therefore urging you to reconsider your decision and focus your 2015 Annual Report on men’s health.

If you are unwilling to reconsider your decision, it would be instructive if you could provide a full explanation and outline in more detail why you have decided not to continue with the precedent to a gendered approach in health you so admirably started in your 2014 Annual Report.

We have copied the Chief Executive of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission into this correspondence.

Yours sincerely

  1. Glen Poole, UK Coordinator of International Men’s Day
  2. Keith Best, Chief Executive, SurvivorsUK
  3. Jane Powell, CEO, CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably
  4. Bob Balfour, Founder/Director, Survivors West Yorkshire
  5. Heather Blake, Director of Support and Influencing, Prostate Cancer UK
  6. Sam Thomas, Founder and Director, Men Get Eating Disorders Too
  7. Shane Ryan, CEO, Working With Men
  8. Ian McKay BA, Chairman, MBEEDS (Scotland)
  9. Paul Hopkins, Director, Mengage
  10. Jack Broadley, Chief Executive, BaggyTrousersUK
  11. Richard Duncker, Founder, Men Do Complain
  12. Martin Seager, Consultant Clinical Psychologist
  13. Duncan Craig, CEO, Survivors Manchester
  14. Mark Brooks, Chair, The ManKind Initiative
  15. Karen Woodall, Lead Therapist, Family Separation Clinic London
  16. Ian Findlay, FNF Trustee
  17. Nick Smithers, National Development Officer, Abused Men in Scotland
  18. Justin Gaffney RN, CEO/Director, MSH Health & Wellbeing CIC
  19. Ian Maxwell, National Development Manager, Families Need Fathers Scotland
  20. Peter Morris, Chairman, Mens Aid Northern Ireland
  21. Paul Apreda, National Manager, FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru
  22. John Mays, Chairman, Parity
  23. David Eggins, Manager, Temper DV
  24. Dr Nicola Graham-Kevan, Reader in the Psychology of Aggression, UCLAN
  25. Dr Elizabeth A. Bates, Senior Lecturer in Applied Psychology, University of Cumbria
  26. Dr John Barry, Gender Equity Network
  27. Dr Mike Hartill, Senior Lecturer in Sociology of Sport, Edge Hill University
  28. Dr Jessica McCarrick, Chartered Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in Counselling Psychology, Teesside University
  29. Dr Ben Hine, Lecturer in Psychology, University of West London
  30. Brian Dempsey, Lecturer, School of Law, University of Dundee
  31. Dr Sarah Hawkes, Reader in Global Health, University College London
  32. Dr Niall McCrae, Lecturer in Mental Health, King’s College London
  33. Gijsbert Stoet, Reader in Psychology, University of Glasgow
  34. Belinda Brown, Research Fellow, The Young Foundation
  35. Dan Bell, Features Editor, insideMan magazine
  36. Martin Daubney, Journalist, broadcaster and committee member, Being A Man Festival
  37. Ally Fogg, Writer and Journalist
  38. Neil Lyndon, Writer and Journalist
  39. Andrew Baker, RMN
  40. Ian McNicholl, Ambassador, The ManKind Initiative
  41. John Jeffrey, Coach, Entrepreneur and Ordained Buddhist
CC: Rebecca Hilsenrath, CEO, Equalities and Human Rights Commission