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Video: Finlay McFarlane, ‘How do we build support for an Ending Intimate Violence Against Men and Boys Strategy?’

Finlay is a rape survivor and campaigner based in Scotland, whose work centres around increasing the visibility of men and boys who have been victims of sexual and intimate abuse.

He spoke powerfully about his work for the February edition of our MBC Friday Sessions series — monthly online talks and discussions, at 12noon on the last Friday of the month, covering the most pressing issues affecting men and boys in the UK today.

Finlay campaigns for an Ending Intimate Violence Against Men and Boys Strategy, securing the policy as a 2021 SNP manifesto commitment. He is the recipient of the Men and Boys Coalition 2021 Campaigner of the Year Award.

Under current British Government policy, all victims of crimes such as domestic abuse, sexual assault, rape, stalking and so-called ‘honour-based’ violence, are categorised as victims of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) crimes, even if the victim is a boy or a man.

The Men and Boys Coalition are asking that male survivors and victims of these crimes are extricated from the VAWG strategy, and that their needs and all related issues be contained in a parallel strategy.

Finlay discussed how he came to his campaign work, how and why he has had such a big impact, and what lessons he has learned from the journey that others might benefit from.

Please share the video of Finlay’s insightful talk with your networks and those working in relevant fields.