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Boys’ education leads BBC coverage of school league table results following collaboration with MBC

The 30-year educational attainment gap between boys and girls led the BBC’s coverage of England’s annual school league table results, following close collaboration with the Men and Boys Coalition.

The Men and Boys Coalition worked with BBC Online’s Education Desk ahead of publication of the league tables, offering guidance on data and background to the issue; suggested contribution for expert analysis from Coalition member Mary Curnock Cook and comment from Men and Boys Coalition CEO, Dan Bell.

Story here:

The story was consequently picked up by the day’s edition of The World at One.

The BBC Radio 4 show’s segment featured an opening interview with MBC’s Dan Bell on the causes of boys’ educational underachievement, in which he raised questions as to the lack of political and policy action on the issue.

Full segment here:

BBC Radio 4 World At One_Feb_6_Dan_Bell_Amanda_Speilman_Ofsted

Part of his interview was also clipped and sent as the World at One’s featured tweet for the story.

The Men and Boys Coalition commend the BBC’s Online Education desk and the World at One for focusing their coverage on this urgent issue.