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Toni White

Toni White is a writer, speaker, consultant and mentor specialising in men’s mental and emotional health in the workplace across the private and public sectors.  She particularly focuses her work in male-dominated work sectors and spaces.  

She has 21 years of lived experience of major depression and anxiety and 18 years of mentoring others with mental health issues and illness, the last five of which have focused on men.  She is passionate about dispelling many of the myths around men’s mental and emotional health needs and how they are both a cause and effect in the work environment.  

Toni has been self-studying, researching and supporting men with their mental and emotional health since 2015 and connected with police in 2018 as a victim of a serious crime. 

She has since used her men’s mental health expertise to work with several police services including the Metropolitan Police Service as well the Royal Marines discussing why men’s mental health matters and how to specifically support them.  Working in the informal space, she supports several dozen men and women across Blue Light and military services as well as civilians.  

Toni set up For Our Men, a community website dedicated to discussing men’s mental and emotional health in ways that allow men to have a voice and see themselves and their issues represented.  The website is also home to an informal, national members-only men in police network allowing officers and staff across the country the opportunity to understand men’s issues.  


Twitter: @toniwriter