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Dumisani ‘King Cas’ Moyo

Cas is a director and producer at Symphony Park who has a strong drive to be a positive influence for young people; inspiring them to pursue their version of greatness because he understands the need for good role models.

His work as a motivational speaker combined with his creative facets have allowed him to work with over 200,000 young people in the last three years. This work led to the setting up of the men and teenage boys program “One Promise” which seeks to spark conversations amongst males through conferences, retreats and a mentoring program.

Cas can be defined and described with many creative words and titles but nothing defines him more than his dedication to create platforms and opportunities for young people because he sees future. He has a profound belief in the importance of serving those who he calls brothers, with great compassion and sensitivity he has committed his life to ensuring that men can be who they are and not be afraid to feel or speak on things they may be compelled towards. Cas is a great believer in creating long term solutions to the ailments and stigmas of manhood and believes that it all begins with an open and honest conversation and just One Promise.

Twitter: @OnePromiseUK

Instagram: @OnePromiseUK