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Dr Russel Delderfield

Russell completed his PhD in male eating disorders as a mature student, having pursued other careers before academia. His research, situated in Critical Men’s Studies, takes a novel approach to the study of an area that is often dominated by clinical discourses, addressing the lack of dedicated attention to personal and socio-cultural aspects. He spotlights personal accounts shared by men who have experiences of disordered eating, providing critical interpretations that aim to situate these experiences in the social and cultural context in which these disorders occur.

This approach is underpinned by an eclectic scholarly engagement with social psychology and sociology literature around masculinities, embodiment and fatness, belonging, punishment, stigma, and control; leading to understandings about relationships with food, body and self. His work is undertaken with a reflexive element, as he has lived with an eating disorder for most of his life.

In addition to scholarly work, Russell has delivered talks to public audiences and written pieces for lay audiences and the media.

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