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Dr Mohammad Mazher Idriss

Dr. Mohammad Mazher Idriss LLB (Hons), LLM, Cert. Ed., PhD. is Senior Lecturer in Law at Manchester Metropolitan University. His main research interests lie within domestic abuse, ‘honour’-based violence and forced marriages for both men and women.

He completed his PhD thesis in 2018 on ‘Honour-Based Violence in Ethnic Communities in England and Wales’, which was externally examined by Professor Lynn Welchman (of SOAS, University of London). This study focused on the views and experiences (through the process of interviews) of female survivors and key agents on intervention and provided recommendations to improve support for BME women.

Maz is author of a number of academic articles and he is editor of a ground-breaking book on male victims entitled ‘Men, Masculinities and Honour-Based Abuse’.

His publications also include: ‘The Mosques Are the Biggest Problem We’ve Got Right Now’ – Key Agent and Survivor Accounts of Engaging Mosques with Domestic and Honor-Based Violence in the United Kingdom’’ [2017]

Journal of Interpersonal Violence, ONLINE FIRST; ‘Key Agent and Survivor Recommendations for Intervention in Honor-Based Violence in the UK’’ [2017]

International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice, ONLINE FIRST; ‘Not Domestic Violence or Cultural Tradition: Is Honour-Based Violence Distinct from Domestic Violence?’ [2017]

Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, 39(1), 3-21; ‘Criminalisation of the Burqa in the UK’ [2016]

The Journal of Criminal Law, 80(2), 124-137; ‘Forced Marriages – The Need for Criminalisation?’ [2015]

Criminal Law Review, 663; and ‘Sentencing Guidelines for HBV and Honour Killings’ [2015]

Journal of Criminal Law, 79(3), 198-210. He is also co-editor (with T. Abbas) of ‘Honour, Violence, Women and Islam’ (Routledge-Cavendish, 2010) and recently sent out a call for papers inviting contributors to submit papers for his forthcoming 2019 book (with T. Abbas) on ‘Men, Masculinities and ‘Honour’-Based Violence’, which seeks to raise the profile of male victimisation.

Maz is also a Trustee of The Elm Foundation, a domestic abuse service that caters for both women and men (@elm_foundation).

A summary of his work is available here: impact-card_maz-idriss-2


Twitter: @Maz_Idriss