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Working With Men

We focus on the time in young men’s life cycle when they are likely to need help.

Working With Men (WWM) was founded in 1988, at a time of increasing professional interest and public concern about men, particularly the challenges they face in the 21st century and a perceived ‘crisis in masculinity’.  At this time, under the rubric of boys and men’s development much of the work consisted of reports, publications, developing resources and research around the subject and doing consultations with communities-which resulted in the production of numerous reports, for a wide audience.

In 2004 WWM became a registered charity and began to use its extensive experience across a range of activities projects and programmes. The last decade has seen a dramatic expansion of policy and practice initiatives seeking to address new challenges related to boys and men and WWM has evolved with them. As we look forward, we see WWM as a highly efficient and effective service provider that adds value to existing services.



Twitter: @WorkingWithMen1