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Bloke Coach

Bloke Coach was set up as a Community Interest Company in May 2019 to support men with their mental health and well-being challenges using an innovative on-line platform.

The Bloke Coach platform provides an anonymous, safe space to share stories and experiences, to support others and to get support from others. The central feature of the platform is a curated collection of video and audio files which form the focus for interactive dialogue in real time and at any time.

The Bloke Coach platform is a community which anyone can join at no cost. Involvement in the community can be at a number of levels from observer, through contributor to conversations, to contributor of video/audio files.

Bloke Coach home page:

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Here’s what we say on the platform:

Bloke — an ordinary man

Coach — someone who guides another through a process

BlokeCoach — a safe, comfortable yet intimate environment where you can view, share, contribute or listen to everyday, ongoing issues we have to deal with yet often can’t talk about, share or even admit to…

BlokeCoach — could be the first step of your journey, or even a stepping stone within the journey you are already on or have already completed…

BlokeCoach — is a place where we can truly feel like we are not alone, we have nothing to be ashamed of and where we can readily admit that “it’s OK, not to be OK”…

BlokeCoach — a space where ordinary guys can support other guys through a process of discovery and/or recovery.